I need to get shitfaced and cry to someone about my problems

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ill pay u $7 to have a crush on me

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there’s no part of this i don’t love

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People ask me if I’m glad I met you
Before, I would have let the word “yes” dance off my tongue without hesitation

Now, I find myself alone on the bathroom floor at 2am
Replaying the time we spent together over and over in my head
Should I have known?
Did I always know this was temporary, but just refuse to believe it?
Should I have noticed the way your eyes always seemed focused on something else
But like a flower in the sun
I needed you to shine onto me to bloom

Now I am withered and alone
It is 2am
And you’ll find a new flower soon
One without so many thorns.

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you don’t realize how attached you are to someone until you go without talking to them for a bit

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im such a fucking jealous asshole i pretend like i dont care but i care so much im gonna explode

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Fuck up your sleeping schedule with me so i know it’s real. 

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"Love is something we wait for. We imagine our first kiss, our first sex, our first I love you. But we never imagine our first heartbreak. Maybe because it’s too painful to even imagine. But in a way, the pain of love is what truly changes us." — (via legendoftezka)

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